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Gian is on sale for 99 cents.
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I only ever had one dream—my name in bright lights for the world to see. And I had a plan to make it all happen. 

Move to New York. Find an agent. Work hard. Then with a little luck mixed in with some natural talent, I’d be a Broadway star.

One devastating injury and a broken engagement later, I have nothing to show for my life except an empty bank account and a jaded heart. Desperate to salvage my dreams, I agree to interview for a job with my best friend’s brother, Gian Trassato.

Gian is charming. He’s magnetic. He’s connected to the Trassato Crime Family, and everything I should stay away from, but I don’t have a choice. I need the job.

Just when I thought I was about to get my life and career back on track, I make one thoughtless mistake. I go back to the club to pick up my purse and witness something Gian’s enemies would kill to keep secret.

Now I’m being sucked deeper and deeper into a terrifying world I don’t understand…

Friends and enemies are interchangeable. Honor and family are everything. And the scariest part of all…I might actually be getting lost in Gian.

Confessed (Vargas Cartel Series, Book 3)

Thanks for all the comments on The Bargain and Unveiled. I’m working really hard to finish the last book in the Vargas Cartel Series. There’s more action in this one and it’s taking a lot of time to write some of the scenes, but I hope to finish it by mid-July and send it to my publisher.

In the meantime, Sins of My Father will be published on June 30th. It’s is the first book in the Black Brother Series. I’m really excited it, and unlike the Vargas Cartel Series, there aren’t any cliffhangers.

There will be a spinoff from the Vargas Cartel. It will be about a character that you’ll meet in the third book and it won’t take place in Mexico. This book has been in my head for over six months. Actually, it was the story I intended to write when I started The Bargain, but I needed to do much more research to get it to work.

Marked by Destiny is Free on Amazon March 9th to March 12th!

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, you can enjoy a paranormal romance set in Ireland!

The Bargain (Vargas Cartel, Book 1) Blurb Reveal

The Bargain is coming soon…

Three weeks, twenty-one days, or five hundred and four hours…

That’s all it took to derail my life and twist it into something unrecognizable. One moment I had Evan, the man I thought I’d marry. The next moment shattered the illusion.

Now I have no one.

Except him.

Ryker Vargas, and I don’t really have him. He’d never belong to any one but himself. He sucked me into a web of lies and now it’s too late. I took the bait. I’m a prisoner of the Vargas Cartel.

I never thought I’d be another statistic, another girl abducted in a foreign country, my entire future washed away by an impulsive, split second in time.

But it’s true.

My name is Hattie Covington and I’m a statistic, but statistics never tell the whole story.

Chapter One – Wrecking Forever Excerpt

“No,” Lucas repeated for at least the fifth time in the last half hour. Olivia had been following him around the party, relentless in her pursuit to destroy Professor Pierce. He didn’t want anything to do with it.

“Come on, Lucas. It’s not that big of a deal. Just ask the girl out on a date or two and then you can break up with her in public. You do it to girls all the time. One more shouldn’t matter.” Olivia sat next to him on the arm of a chair in his fraternity house.

“I don’t get it.”

“What’s there to get?”

“Why do you want to hurt her? What did she do to you?”

“That’s not the point. I want to ruin his reputation.”

“Professor Pierce’s wife filed for divorce. He didn’t walk away from this mess unscathed, either. Let it rest.”

“I was suspended from the dance team. Do you know what that means?” Olivia held her hand over her chest as though she were mortally wounded.

Lucas fought the urge to roll his eyes at her drama-filled performance. Olivia would throw a tantrum if she knew he agreed with the suspension . As much as she wanted to pretend otherwise, she didn’t have clean hands in the whole Professor Pierce shit show. He didn’t recognize Olivia anymore . Their families had been friends since before either of them could walk and she had become a permanent fixture in his life, their childhood memories so intertwined that she was an extension of his family. “Yes. Dancing is your life, but you should have thought about that before you tried to seduce Professor Pierce for a passing grade. Better yet, you should have shown up at the midterm and then you wouldn’t have had to worry about your grade in the first place.”

Her eyes desperately searched his. She probably wanted to find an inkling of sympathy, but she wouldn’t. The Olivia he remembered from his childhood was shy, considerate, and one of his best friends. In the last two years, she’d become jaded, cold, and impulsive, and unfortunately, he had crossed out of the friend zone and into something else more than a few times. He couldn’t even say why he did it. Having sex with her strained their friendship to the breaking point. Now, they constantly danced the line between childhood friends and something more. He hadn’t touched her since school ended last year, but the awkwardness hadn’t subsided. It bubbled underneath the surface of every conversation and every touch.

She clutched his wrist in her hand and he barely resisted the urge to pull away. Only tears forming at the corners of her eyes stopped him. He hated seeing her like this— helpless and vulnerable. “Don’t you think I get that now?” she whispered, her voice hoarse and shaky, her nails digging into the underside of his wrist. “I would give anything for a do over.” She cleared her throat as she shook her head from side to side. “Do you know what my dad said?”

He nodded. He’d heard. Her dad wouldn’t win father of the year, but that wasn’t a new revelation. Rather than being upset about what happened to his daughter, he focused his efforts on insuring that neither he nor his baseball team could be linked publically to the scandal. “I was in the other room when you talked to him. I heard enough to know your dad won’t change. You need to stop caring what he thinks. Let this mess go. Learn from your mistake. Don’t compound it by orchestrating some ploy to take out your anger on Professor Pierce’s daughter. His wife is leaving him. Isn’t that enough?”
“He barely cares about her. He’s probably relieved she’s leaving him and he still has his career.”

“What makes you think he cares about his daughter? Maybe they’re both an inconvenience.” Lucas’s eyes darted around the party to make sure no one could overhear their conversation. Originally, he had intended to spend the night self-medicating with alcohol to relieve his boredom, but Olivia cornered him with this ridiculous idea the minute he left his bedroom. Just his shit luck. An hour later and he still hadn’t taken one sip of alcohol.

“Because he has pictures of her all over his office and he’s always talking about how smart and perfect she is.”

He looked away and pinched the bridge of his nose . “She sounds like a good kid. Leave her alone. I’m sure the gossip traumatized her enough.”

“Look.” She tapped her hands on her thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Olivia always had beautiful dancer legs, but he had a hard time seeing anything about her as beautiful these days. “I’m not asking you to destroy her, just pretend you like her and then break up with her.” She shrugged as her eyes drifted toward the entrance to the room. “She’s here,” she whispered.


“Regan, Professor Pierce’s daughter.”

“Why? She’s not in your sorority.”

“No, but two of her friends from the dorm are, and when I saw them on campus with her, I suggested they bring her along tonight.”

“Are they mixed up in your stupid plan, too?”

“No.” She frowned. “I told them she might be a good candidate to rush our sorority second semester.”

“Jesus, Olivia. This is fucked up.”

“Look at her. She’s kind of cute in a homely sort of way.”

Lucas looked around the room through of sea of faceless women, some he recognized, others he probably should recognize after three years of being part of the monotonous Greek scene that strangled him centimeter by painful centimeter every day. “Which one?”

Olivia elbowed him. “The redhead near the entrance looking like a lost puppy.”

Slowly, he let his field of vision drift toward the entrance. Her impossibly green eyes met his and he couldn’t look away. There wasn’t a homely bone in that girl’s body. Flowing dark auburn hair and all that pale, flawless skin and lips that made him think of all kinds of things that should happen behind closed doors. Damn, he wished he never saw her face because now he wanted to talk to her. Olivia’s hand coasted up his arm, drawing his attention back to her.

“I know she’s not your type, but she’s conversation-worthy, don’t you think?”

He smirked. “That girl is everyone’s type.”

“You’re such a bag of shit.”

Olivia’s lips compressed into a tight line and he laughed, finally finding amusement in something. “I know, but you still love me.”

She flipped her hair behind her shoulder. “You wish. I only tolerate you because I’ve known you for so long. I don’t have a choice.”

“Uh huh,” he murmured, watching Professor Pierce’s daughter flee the room like she couldn’t get away from them fast enough. He stood up. “I need a drink.”

“Are you going to talk to her?”

Yes. Regan intrigued him, and not because of Olivia’s interest in her, but because he wanted to get a better look at the girl without Olivia breathing down his neck. “If I see her, I might.” He shrugged as he rubbed his hand along his jaw. “I haven’t decided.”

He took a few steps when Olivia’s hand snaked around his forearm. “Just ask her out and maybe she’ll talk about her dad or me. You don’t have to decide whether you want to help me yet, but I’d like to know her perspective. Getting a little inside information won’t hurt her or anyone else.”

“I don’t know.” His eyes darted to the side. He wanted to talk to her, but fuck, he didn’t want to get sucked into Olivia’s chaos. “What’d you say her name is again?” He hadn’t forgot, but he didn’t want Olivia to realize how much he actually wanted to talk to Regan.

Olivia searched his face. “Regan,” she spat out, her voiced laced with disgust.

He pulled his hand out of her hold. “I’ll talk to you later, Liv. Have a good night.”

False Finder

Cora has been able to detect lies since she was born, she’s…a False Finder.
However when blackmail, betrayal, and lying are all the population has to protect themselves, it makes her dangerous. It also makes her a target.
Because of Cora’s ability, Rogan Carvelli—London’s biggest criminal leader—has been trying to acquire her for years.
Cora has learned to survive and remain undetected—at least until one careless mistake causes her friends to betray her.
Sold to Carvelli, Cora is only left with the help of a secret organisation to escape. She knows nothing about them, but they have saved her too many times to ignore.
However, the closer she gets, the clearer it becomes…
Their motives are far from innocent.

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Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Released: January 13th 2015
Pages: 400

About the Author
Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything paranormal or romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning.

By the age of nineteen, Mia had published nine books, including the Elemental Killers series and the Seasons of Change series. Since then, her books have charted on numerous Amazon Bestseller Lists, and she has also had poems published in a many anthologies. With an ever growing list of ideas, Mia continues to create fictional worlds through her writing, and is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them.
Connect with Mia:

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best behaviour teaser

“Not my fight? How did you come to that conclusion? You made it my fight when you sold me, Cora. This is your fault not mine, and you only have yourself to blame!” Nick roared, his grip tightening to a new painful intensity.
“I did not sell you. I cut a deal with Rogan and you were collateral damage. I couldn’t help it.”
Even Cora flinched at her words. What she had done to Nick was awful, but it was a necessity if she was going to survive.
“You signed my life away. You ruined my life by forcing me into a god-damned contract that has no loop holes. Not only that, but then you had the audacity to attack me when you escaped Rogan’s mansion last time. That is not collateral damage!”
He didn’t realise he was shaking her fragile body until she let out another low groan.
“You weren’t meant to be a part of the deal. I couldn’t help it. I tried to get you out of it, but there was no way. It was me or you.”
“Don’t bullshit me. You know there was a way out. I did nothing to you but be there and you sold me out, just like your friends have done to you.” His words cut Cora like a knife, slitting her deep.
“You knew too much…you knew my secret…you weren’t meant to survive.” Cora muttered the last line, her jaw tight with anger as she finally admitted the truth she had kept bottled up. He wasn’t meant to hear it, but he did.
“What did you just say?” He was shaking her once more, anger flowing out of him as he was finally enlightened as to why Cora had betrayed him.
“You weren’t meant to survive. You shouldn’t have passed the first test Rogan puts his men through. You weren’t meant to come back. I was meant to be safe.”
“Well unluckily for you I manned up. Not only did I pass every test Rogan threw at me but I worked my way up. I’m now his second in command. How’s that for irony?”
“Screw you,” Cora spat, tired of the conversation.
“You wish. For now though, I think I’ll return the favour you so kindly granted me all those years ago.”
“Let me go, Nick, for old time’s sake. I thought we were friends?” It was a lousy defence and Cora knew it, but it was all she had left.
“We stopped being friends years ago when you shafted me, Cora. I couldn’t care less what happens to you anymore. Now shut up and move.”

Redeeming You (Before You Series, Book 2) Excerpt

When she reached Cam’s table, she stood next to the vacant side of the booth waiting for Cam to acknowledge her presence. He knew she was there, staring at him, but he patiently flipped the pages of the menu refusing to look at her. Typical. After a few prolonged seconds of her temper steadily rising, she cleared her throat.
Cam still didn’t look at her. “Are you going to sit or do you want to stand there admiring me for a couple more minutes?” he drawled lazily.
“Are you going to take off your cheesy sunglasses or are you too hung over to act like a normal human being?” she shot back, anger pumping heatedly through her veins as she sat in the booth across from him.
Cam peeled of his dark sunglasses and carelessly tossed them on the table. “Better?” Cam asked gazing at her with his heavily hooded eyes, a sardonic smile floating on his lips.
She already wanted to kill him; well, maybe not kill him. That was too extreme. Tossing a glass of ice water at him might be more appropriate, but thirty days of this back and forth shit and one of them would probably be dead. “Slightly, but now I have to look at your eyes and they’re a bit distracting.”
Cam leaned forward, bracing his elbows on the edge of the table. “Are you trying to tell me something…like you’re attracted to me? I get that a lot, you know.” His lips curled up at the corners sinfully.
Smiling contemptuously, Taylor purposely let her eyes trail over his face down to his chest and back up again. Blessed with the face of an angel and a body made for sin, he was good-looking; there was no doubt. His messy light blonde hair, his back t-shirt stretched across his obviously muscular chest in all the right ways, his normally piercing blue eyes and perfectly sculpted bone structure made him one smoking hot rocker, but she’d never tell him that. He already knew. She didn’t need to contribute to his already inflated ego.
“No, not even close. I was trying to tell you that you look like shit. Your eyes are bloodshot and swollen. I think your face is a little waxy and bloated looking too.” Taylor leaned forward, pretending to study him as she tapped her fingers on the table. “Other than that, I guess you’re okay if you’re into the yuppie loser pretending to be the big bad wolf type…and I’m definitely not.”