Confessed (Vargas Cartel Series, Book 3)

Thanks for all the comments on The Bargain and Unveiled. I’m working really hard to finish the last book in the Vargas Cartel Series. There’s more action in this one and it’s taking a lot of time to write some of the scenes, but I hope to finish it by mid-July and send it to my publisher.

In the meantime, Sins of My Father will be published on June 30th. It’s is the first book in the Black Brother Series. I’m really excited it, and unlike the Vargas Cartel Series, there aren’t any cliffhangers.

There will be a spinoff from the Vargas Cartel. It will be about a character that you’ll meet in the third book and it won’t take place in Mexico. This book has been in my head for over six months. Actually, it was the story I intended to write when I started The Bargain, but I needed to do much more research to get it to work.

What a surprise!

So many things to share . . .

1. Before You is #32 in its category on Amazon Australia! 

2. The Blog Tour for Before You is May 12th-16th.

3. Chasing Forever has a release date . . . June 3, 2014.

4. I’m inching closer to finishing the second book in the Before You Series. The name is still in the air. I’m changing it daily. Finding You, Redeeming You, Little Pieces of You. Hmmm . . . any thoughts?

When Avery and Kalen First See Each Other in Marked by Destiny . . .

Despite her efforts, she couldn’t rid herself of the prickling sensation on the back of her neck, telling her someone or something watched her. Gingerly, she raised her head to survey the area again, and she noticed a man looming in the shadows of a building across the narrow street with his fedora pulled low over his eyes, obscuring his face. He stood in the shadows, diligently avoiding looking in her direction. He was a lean, tall man in a dark overcoat. She stared at him, trying to determine whether he was watching her. Almost as if she had called his name, he looked up and she found herself looking directly into the stranger’s glittering, emerald green eyes. She felt an immediate connection with him, an electric current pulsing through her body. He was darkly handsome, with a wide sensual mouth, classical facial features and midnight colored hair just long enough to peek out of the bottom of his hat. She hesitated, the connection between them mellowing then sending trails of heat cascading through her body. It felt as if she were being cuddled in a warm breeze that floated through her hair and down her clothes with an unholy promise of warmth.

His lips curved into a faintly dangerous smile, and Avery felt his magnetic pull. Come here, she heard drifting through her mind. Transfixed, she stepped into the street, wanting to talk to him, to touch him. Suddenly embarrassed, she broke eye contact and turned toward the Foundation door. As swiftly as the connection with him had materialized, it disappeared, leaving her feeling alone with a twinge of intense longing.