Confessed (Vargas Cartel Series, Book 3)

Thanks for all the comments on The Bargain and Unveiled. I’m working really hard to finish the last book in the Vargas Cartel Series. There’s more action in this one and it’s taking a lot of time to write some of the scenes, but I hope to finish it by mid-July and send it to my publisher.

In the meantime, Sins of My Father will be published on June 30th. It’s is the first book in the Black Brother Series. I’m really excited it, and unlike the Vargas Cartel Series, there aren’t any cliffhangers.

There will be a spinoff from the Vargas Cartel. It will be about a character that you’ll meet in the third book and it won’t take place in Mexico. This book has been in my head for over six months. Actually, it was the story I intended to write when I started The Bargain, but I needed to do much more research to get it to work.

One thought on “Confessed (Vargas Cartel Series, Book 3)

  1. I ore ordered unveiled and was told by Amazon UK it was not being published and found it for sale so bought it

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