Bob at the Lake by Roz Murphy

Tired of those Winter Blahs? 

Escape–Read ‘Bob at the Lake’!

Meet Bob, the smart-aleck, martini-loving ghost, as he makes Roz’s quiet life in the Finger Lakes very . . . well, let’s just say ‘complicated.’

Especially after Roz meets David, the kind and oh-so-sensible grapegrower who lives up the hill.


Roz Murphy is the pseudonym of a shy, retiring writer who doesn’t want her neighbors to know how nutty she really is. Brooklyn-born and Jersey-bred, Roz now lives on the misty shore of one of New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes. Prior to that, her business writing career took her to many locations, including Manhattan, where she worked for a number of years. As a freelance and corporate writer, Roz won several national and international writing and communications awards.

Now Roz is pursuing her first love—fiction. She’s writing the ‘Bob’ books, the humorous chronicle of a crabby ‘woman of a certain age’ who moves to the wintry shores of a New York lake—and gets a ghost. And not just any ghost, mind you. Bob’s a plump, middle-aged ghost from 1920s Manhattan who swans around in a silk smoking jacket and drinks far too many martinis. Stir the good-looking grape grower who lives up the hill into this mix and you get a pretty potent screwball cocktail!

When she’s not reading, writing, hill-walking, staring mindlessly out the window at the water or piling rocks onto her ever-diminishing lakefront, you can usually find Roz hanging out with her family, travelling, or exploring the amazing wines and wineries of the Finger Lakes.

‘Bob at the Lake’ is currently available as a Kindle download from Amazon and it will be in print in May 2014. Please join Roz Murphy Author on FaceBook for updates on the many adventures of Roz, David—and Bob.

Join Roz, David–and Bob–as they tussle with all of those delightful country adventures, like cookie mazes, wine tastings, and snowy power outages. Does it get any better than this???

‘Bob at the Lake,’ by R. Murphy, is currently available exclusively for Kindle at Print copies can be purchased in May 2014. Please follow me, RozMurphyAuthor, on Facebook. 


11 thoughts on “Bob at the Lake by Roz Murphy

  1. Lisa, thanks so much for hosting me on your site. It looks great! I’ll check in periodically to respond to any questions/comments. Have a good day–looks like we’ll get above freezing here in the Finger Lakes for the first time in WEEKS! I am so excited that Spring may finally be on the way… Roz

  2. Second careers or acts or first loves are something we’ve found out about. You just never know what is around the corner. Your book sound interesting.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. If you’re interested in Bob at the Lake and you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take it out of their library for free. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal! Roz

    • Joanne, thanks so much! I’ve always loved mermaids, so your book really intrigues me too. Did you ever see the movie ‘Mr Peabody and the Mermaid’? It’s so much fun. I’m going to head over to Amazon to take a look at your book right now!… Roz

  3. Sound like a great premise. Your ghost sounds like he is ready to cause trouble.Why would he move on when he can swan around drinking martini’s Shaken not stirred I presume. Good luck with sales.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Maggie. You’re right…Bob can be a real pain in the–well, you know what I mean. He doesn’t do it intentionally but, after all, he’s a man–oops, ghost–on a mission. Have a great day! Roz

  5. Oh, Kate, thanks so much for stopping by! And the great news is that I’m working on edits/rewrites on the second book right now (that is, when I’m not out shoveling snow). Hope I’ll get to see you next month; stay warm! Roz

  6. I too, am waiting for the second book. Right from page one of Bob at the Lake I was hooked and laughed and giggled right through to the end. Gosh darnit, I didn’t want it to end. So I’m more than ready to read on. I’m also waiting for an autographed copy of your print book when it’s released May 1. Wishing you much success with Bob #1 and the second release. You go girl!

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